WB Exec. underscores importance of CLSG project

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Mr. Khwima Nthara, the World Bank Country Manager in Liberia has emphasized the importance of the CLSG project to Liberia’s economy and development, adding that when the lines are powered, it will help alleviate the challenges the country faces.

“We are looking forward to the March 2020 target date because this is a project that has been long-awaited by the people of Liberia,” he said.

“We will like to recommit our support to the project going forward and to work with all stakeholders – government, development partners and others involve in making sure this project comes to fruition because the benefits will be immense for Liberia.”

The CLSG project when completed will enable Liberia import power from Ivory Coast and also export to other countries in the sub-region including Guinea and Sierra Leone.

The government will then use it as a means of increasing its revenue generation and at the same time solve the power quagmire, economists have said.

Earlier, the CLSG lines were expected to be turned on by the end of December this year but several challenges including the rainy season have pushed the deadline further.

However, when the lines are on, TRANSCO CLSG will bring in the electricity to the substations while LEC would sell to customers based on a transmission service agreement with TRANSCO CLSG and Power Purchase Agreement with Cote D’Ivoire.



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