Transformers for Liberia substations arrived, delivered

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The transformers for the substations in Liberia have been delivered on construction sites by the EPC contractors, Sieyuan. The arrival of the transformers is a major milestone achieved in the implementation of the CLSG interconnection project.

The 70 MVA capacity transformers and reactor arrived at the Freeport of Monrovia and were subsequently delivered on site.

The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG on Saturday, July 6, 2019 toured the Mount Coffee substation which is nearing completion. During the tour, the General Manager inspected the giant transformers and expressed optimism that the December 2019 partial commissioning of the transmission in Liberia will be realized.

“Today is a happy day for TRANSCO CLSG. What we have been expecting, we’ve seen it and is a clear demonstration that we mean business,” the General Manager, Mohammed M. Sherif said,

Sieyuan is constructing five substations in Liberia including the Yekepa, Buchanan, Mount Coffee, Mano and the newly added Botota substations. Construction activity has started at the Bototo substation.


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