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TRANSCO CLSG team in India for Factory Test

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Abidjan, CI, February 6, 2018: Technicians from TRANSCO CLSG are in India to witness the comprehensive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of the type B transmission towers that will be deployed for the CLSG interconnection project in Sierra Leone.

Mr. Etienne Bailly, the Director of the Project Implementation Unit and Mohamed Keita, Procurement and Contract Management Specialist, along with the EPC contractor, KALPATARU are in the Indian city of Chenna to witness the testing of the type B transmission tower prototype.

The towers are being tested for the transmission line contract linking Bikongor, Bumbuna and Yiben as awarded to Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd.


FAT explained

The hassle of dealing with issues when equipment is built and operated the first time around can be a huge headache. Therefore, it is very important for TRANSCO CLSG to get some assurance prior to receiving the equipment on the field. The FAT is being conducted at the manufacturer’s site in India prior to delivery and installation, and these tests help to identify any issues and correct them prior to shipment.

Basically, FAT is a “factory debug” to assure that when the equipment arrives on site, the contractor should be able to install quickly and smoothly. It consists of a variety of inspection points and tests per the request of TRANSCO CLSG, based on the requirements and unique equipment specifications.

FATs are beneficial not just for TRANSCO CLSG and the contractor or the end users but for the manufacturer as well. Both parties can be assured that the equipment meets all the contractual specifications and any issues can be addressed before arriving at the project site. FATs usually saves time and money over fixing issues in the field.

Photo courtesy: Mohamed Keita, TRANSCO CLSG, in India


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