TRANSCO CLSG Team Back From Paris Conference

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The Director of the Project Implementation Unit, Mr. Etienne Bailly and the Engineering Coordinator Erik Achi have returned to Abidjan, following a successful mission to this year’s International power conference for large electrical networks held in Paris, France from August 21 to the 25th.

Within the framework of the CLSG interconnection project implementation, and as part of the need for staff to strengthen their knowledge in engineering best practices and new approaches in network design and implementation, Mr. Bailly and Achi represented TRANSCO CLSG at the high level power conference and participated in series of technical workshops that focused on topics that were particularly related to the CLSG project activities, including design and operation issues such as Eco design of equipment, Maintenance and Real Time monitoring of system and coordination between Transmission System Operators (TSOs).

The CIGRE’s 46th General Session, which TRANSCO CLSG attended for the first time, is an international conference on large high-voltage electric systems that will attract thousands of senior executives, engineers and experts from the worldwide power industry.

The conference was held at the Palais des Congrés, situated in northwest Paris, France. The CIGRE 2016 presented the range of new technologies that have been developed to accommodate renewable energy projects. The design and commissioning of large extra-high-voltage transmission interconnections continues to increase as high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) technologies now enable circuits to operate at higher voltages over longer distances to optimize system capacity and facilitate international-based energy marketing.

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