TRANSCO CLSG success is our success – Board Chairman urges CLSG countries

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is urging CLSG countries to work together and ensure the viability of TRANSCO CLSG. “The success of TRANSCO CLSG is our success. It’s the success for WAPP (West Africa Power Pool), for Cote d’Ivoire, for Liberia, for Sierra Leone and for Guinea,” Mr. Noumory Sidibe said when he addressed the CLSG Stakeholders, following the Board meeting on Monday, June 27, 2022 in Abidjan.

Mr. Sidibe congratulated WAPP for establishing TRANSCO CLSG and for launching other electricity projects aimed at integrating the West African energy market. “We must not stop there; we must make sure TRANSCO CLSG and all other projects are fully supported to succeed.”

The Board Chairman called on CLSG countries to consolidate their effort to ensure the CLSG interconnection is supported so that is it able to deliver the mush needed electricity to the population in need.

“The CLSG project is a vision for Africans and is being implemented by Africans. We should be proud. Its is strategic for our countries and it’s the symbol of our understanding. It is a bond, one that is beyond 1000 words of pan Africanism,” the outspoken Board Chairman furthered.

He termed the CLSG project as a privilege project that translates eloquently, adding, “It is a union among our countries that is meeting the critical needs of our people. We are finding solutions for our people and countries and we must ensure it becomes a reality, viable and sustainable.”

Chairman Sidibe urged the CLSG countries to stand the test of time and ensure the project succeed. “We have to take full responsibility to ensure this project succeeds.”

He called on the Management of TRANSCO CLSG to work with the donors and other stakeholders to address remaining challenges. “We must strive to succeed. We must commit our ourselves to do the right thing for our people. We must take full responsibility.”

He disclosed that Cote d’Ivoire is working on other sources of energy and that the country will not fail to supply stable and affordable electricity. He urged the TRANSCO CLSG Management to begin to look into other ambitious projects including building a second circuit on the CLSG line.

“We must not be complacent,” the Chairman emphasized, adding, “We must have one voice. We are transparent and must decide what is good for our common structure. We should have openness in working with our partners. We must provide clarifications if needed.”

The Board Chairman thanked the Management of TRANSCO CLSG for the successful implementation of the landmark CLSG project in the midst of enormous challenges. “TRANSCO is a big baby that needs our support. We have to support the management of TRANSCO to succeed.”

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