TRANSCO CLSG sensitizes communities along the transmission line on safety measures

TRANSCO CLSG has been sensitizing resident communities along the CLSG transmission line on safety measures such as farming activities within the Right of Way (RoW) corridor, bush fire, illegal logging activities, charcoal production, and mining activities.

From November 9th through the 16th, 2023, TRANSCO CLSG embarked on sensitization and information activities on the Bumbuna to Mano line in Sierra Leone as the CIE O&M prepares to fell trees that pose potential threats to the safety of the line.

The mission was to inform the residents and affected communities about safety measures that have been put in place through the maintenance activities during the operation and maintenance phase of the CLSG interconnection project.

Mr. Germain Paye, TRANSCO CLSG’s Social Safeguard Assistant, who led the mission thanked the affected communities across the CLSG project line for their unwavering support and collaboration during the construction phase. He emphasized that as TRANSCO CLSG transitions into the O&M phase, their support and collaboration will be highly needed. He stressed that the affected communities remain the key players and indefectible stakeholders.

The mission covered the affected communities along Line 6 which runs from the Kenema substation to Mano substation and Line 7 from the Kenema substation to Bikongor.

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