TRANSCO CLSG Sending Stable Electricity to Bo & Kenema

TRANSCO CLSG has taken strong measures to ensure no recurrence of recent power outage incidents experienced in Bo and Kenema, as the General Manager assesses Liberia’s Mount Coffee station’s readiness to supply stable electricity to the Sierra Leonean border towns.

During live radio and television interviews in Freetown recently, the General Manager, Mohammed M. Sherif, took full responsibility for the power outage problem in Bo and Kenema. He said TRANSCO CLSG management has taken proactive measures to mitigate the problem. He also assured the government and people of Sierra Leone of TRANSCO CLSG’s preparedness to improve access to electricity in the region.

Mr. Sherif said Sierra Leone or Cote d’Ivoire, which supplies the electricity through the 225kv transmission line is not the cause of the problem. He explained that the problem is with the medium power supply to the SVC and the auxiliary equipment which is housed at Mount Coffee in Liberia.

Mr. Sherif said TRANSCO CLSG management engaged the Government of Liberia and other stakeholders including Sierra Leone and the Board of Directors on the power outage issue, following which Liberia provided funding that was used to purchase two 200kv generators for the temporary solution. “Once the generators are installed, we will continue to supply through our SVC until the permanent solution is reached in about eight months,” he assured.

Meanwhile, following his engagements in Sierra Leone, Mr. Sherif traveled to Liberia during the week to assess the progress in the installation of the two 200 kVA Genset generators at the Monrovia Substation. The General Manager pushed the technicians to fast-track the installation process so that the auxiliary power supply to the SVC is guaranteed to stabilize power flow to Kenema and Bo in Sierra Leone.

He commended Liberia’s Country Manager, Jerry T. Taylor, and his team and the operators for their efficient management of the TRANSCO CLSG network, including meeting timelines of activities and the neatness of the substation.


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