TRANSCO CLSG hosts Industry seminar at HQ

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TRANSCO CLSG’s current organizational structure entails a limited number of technical personnel, who focus on project implementation. Significantly increasing TRANSCO CLSG size from the beginning of operations, requires an appropriate Operations and Maintenance (O&M) that will manage the challenges and operational risks.

For this reason, TRANSCO CLSG intends to recruit a reputable private operator to be selected competitively under a performance-based management contract, with appropriate incentives for cost minimization. The O&M contract will have a minimum duration of four (4) years with the contract effective date set for October 2020.


Meanwhile, TRANSCO CLSG has concluded a consultative meeting with interested parties on Thursday, March 5, 2020 at the Headquarter of TRANSCO CLSG, in Cocody 2 Plateaux, Angré, 7è Tranche, 28 BP 633 Abidjan 28, Côte d’Ivoire.

The objective of the meeting was to discuss with the parties TRANSCO CLSG requirements and expectations for this assignment as well as Key features of the draft bidding documents prepared by TRANSCO CLSG, and to receive the feedback and suggestions of the industry participants in the meeting regarding the proposed assignment. The results of the meeting will allow to improve and finalize the draft bidding documents.

TRANSCO CLSG’s Acting General Manager, Josephus Jigba Yilla (Manager of Finance and Administration), who chaired the meeting, encouraged stakeholders to participate in the process and use the meeting as an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments regarding this upcoming project procurement opportunity for the Statutory O&M contractor.



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