TRANSCO CLSG General Manager credits CLSG countries, staff and donors for project success

Abidjan, Friday, July 28, 2023: The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG has recognized the significant role of the governments and people of the CLSG countries, his TRANSCO staff, Donors, and other stakeholders for the successful implementation of the landmark CLSG project, which has achieved a 99 percent implementation rate in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea respectively.

In his official statement delivered at the 31st meeting of the TRANSCO CLSG Board of Directors held on Friday, July 28, 2023, in Abidjan, Mr. Mohammed M. Sherif, extended his profound thanks and appreciation to his invaluable team for their hard work, resilience, commitment, and passion that have made it possible to achieve key deliverables over the years.

“Our success is rooted in our strong willpower and passion for work. I would like to congratulate you on your remarkable achievements in the project implementation and institutional functions. Your attention to detail is your greatest strength and it has once again been proven why you are such an important asset to TRANSCO CLSG,” Mr. Sherif said.

He reiterated his deep gratitude for the Board’s strong and unwavering commitment to delivering affordable and reliable electricity to the people. “Your invaluable contributions to the success of the CLSG Project are a true reflection of determination by the CLSG Governments, national Utilities, the Board, and the CLSG Donors to set up an effective and viable regional electricity market for the present and future generations,” the General Manager added.

The General Manager furthered that over the years, every stakeholder including the Board, the TRANSCO team, and donors, among others, has demonstrated deep interest and commitment to the goal of delivering unimpeded and affordable access to electricity for the populations of our region and has delivered outstanding achievements for the company. “Your continued willingness to collaborate and move the company to successfully achieve its mission deserves recognition and deep appreciation.”

The landmark CLSG interconnection project is in its concluding phase of implementation, Mr. Sherif disclosed, noting that there has significant progress made in construction works by the EPC contractors, with an overall progress rate of 99%. “We have constructed, completed, and energized all the substations in Liberia, the latest being the Botota substation in central Liberia, which was energized in April 2023. In Sierra Leone, we have also constructed and energized four out of five substations, the latest being Yiben; which was energized on July 25, 2023. Arrangements are ongoing to energize the Kamakwei substation in Sierra Leone in September 2023. In Guinea, the Nzerekore substation was energized in February 2023.”

According to the TRANSCO CLSG General Manager, the remaining works are being completed at the Yiben and Kamakwie substations in Sierra Leone as well as the main control SCADA center at the Nzerekore substation in Guinea. He disclosed that the Kamakwie substation is scheduled to be commissioned in September 2023 along with the synchronization of CLSG Grid with OMVG Network.

The TRANSCO CLSG Board meetings are a regular feature during which the Chairman and other distinguished members of the Board meet to deliberate on critical issues and approve pertinent documents to enhance the functions of the company. It is customary at these meetings for the General Manager to deliver a substantive report, which provides updates on the status of the project.

The 31st Board meeting was chaired by its Chairman, Mr. Noumory Sidibe. Other Board members from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea as well as independent Board members attended the meeting.

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