Jubilant villagers out in the streets in Nzao

TRANSCO CLSG expands people’s access to electricity in Guinea

Seven villages in the Nzerekore region, with approximately 18 thousand people have been connected to the CLSG grid. The villages including Yalenzou, Nzao, Bonoumou, Karanah Benzano, Bipa, and Gonon are receiving electricity for the first time in decades.

The connection was secured when TRANSCO CLSG Country Manager of Guinea, Dr. Abdoulaye Keita energized the 33kV feeder line from the Nzerekore substation to the designated villages. The line is dedicated to the rural electrification of communities along the CLSG transmission line.

Following the turning-on ceremony at the Nzerekore substation, Dr. Keita led an array of TRANSCO CLSG team, Guinean local officials, and EDG electricians to turn on the power in two of the villages including Nzao and Karanah. Residents took to the streets to celebrate the historic moment. The connection of these villages will further boost economic activities in the Guinean commercial and economic center, Dr. Keita said.

According to the Country Manager, the process to connect the seven villages to the CLSG grid is part of the TRANSCO CLSG’s social actions under the implementation of the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for the beneficiary communities located along the transmission line.

The city of Nzérékoré had been plagued with the lack of electricity for years but the bustling city now has 24-hour electricity from the TRANSCO CLSG grid. With a volume of eleven megawatts (11 MW) per year, the CLSG interconnection line has improved energy demand in the city of N’Zérékoré and its surroundings and is accelerating the region’s socio-economic development.

More businesses, including factories, are returning to the city. According to residents, Nzerekore has become an attractive destination for new business ventures because of the stable electricity. Nzerekore, they say is a city that “Never Sleeps.”

Sidiki Trawally, TRANSCO CLSG Communication, reports

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