TRANSCO CLSG, Donors Ascertain Progress of CLSG Electricity Project in Liberia

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Donors of the CLSG electricity project conducting a two-day coordination meeting in Monrovia to review the progress of work on the sub-regional project expected to benefit Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea have announced that the commissioning of four of five transmission sub-stations in Liberia will be done in March 2020.

Making the disclosure at the start of the meeting on Monday, December 9, Mr. Mohammed Sheriff, General Manager of Transco CLSG – the multinational company managing the project – said by the end of December this year, four sub-stations will be completed and pre-testing of these stations will commence January 2020.

He clarified that the completion of the fifth station, which is being built in Botota, Bong County, will be delayed because that project was initiated very late. It started after the German Development Bank or KFW agreed to fund its construction.

He, however, emphasized the need for the government to be prepared to take on transmission and distribution of the power to customers when the lines are turn on next year.

“It’s our hope that as soon as we are done, the Liberian government will be able to take it from there,” said Mr. Sherif, who added that it will be “very unfortunate” when the project is completed and the government cannot embark on transmission and distribution.

“There’s one thing to bring the electricity, there’s another thing to get connected to the electricity – if Transco were to come today is the government of Liberia ready? That is the key question we will all be discussing today.”

The meeting was attended by key donor partners of the project including the World Bank, the European Investment Bank and the German Development Bank or KFW.

Pictorials presented in PowerPoint during the meeting showed the level of work being done on the sub-stations and the transmission lines which will run from the Ivory Coast to Liberia via the five sub-stations.



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