TRANSCO CLSG Conducts Factory Acceptance Tests in Bahrain, India

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Cable being tested

Abidjan CI – September 11, 2017: TRANSCO CLSG, the regional transmission company responsible for interconnecting Cote d’Ivoire with Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea is participating in a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for the Conductors and Earthing Cables in Bahrain and India respectively.

The Director of the CLSG project implementation unit, Mr. Etienne Bailly is leading a three-man TRANSCO CLSG delegation of engineers to the two countries to ensure the equipment including cables for the construction of the transmission line contract for Lot 4 of the 225Kv Transmission Line (TL) from Bikongor to Bumbuna and Yiben in Sierra Leone, meet quality standards.

The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is a major project milestone in the CLSG project implementation in which the delegation will ensure the equipment design and manufacturing meets the contract or Purchase Order (P.O.) specifications.

The FAT is being jointly conducted by TRANSCO CLSG in collaboration with the responsible EPC contractors, KALPATARU, which invited TRANSCO CLSG to inspect the equipment before they are shipped to the construction site in Sierra Leone.


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