TRANSCO CLSG Celebrates Women’s Day, Reaffirms Support for Gender Equality

The International Women’s Day looks at how to ensure the 2030 Agenda – which positions women’s empowerment as at the center of global sustainability plans – can be concretely achieved over the coming years. The idea itself dates back more than 100 years, and has had various reasons for becoming the established celebration that it is today.

TRANSCO CLSG as an international institution has instituted an internal campaign to demonstrate its commitment to gender parity and help staff understand how everyone can play a role in achieving the vision and mission of the company.

Throughout the world, most countries recognize that equal rights should exist between men and women. Many have produced regulations intended to fight discrimination and programs granting women access to health, education, and economic rights such as land ownership.

International programs such as the Millennium Development Goals point out the benefits of addressing gender inequality and the positive impact this can have on poverty reduction.

TRANSCO CLSG recognizes the principle of gender equity in the workplace. The company code of conduct forbids any form of discriminatory practices. “It is important to create an open and friendly atmosphere at workplace,” said the General Manager Mohammed Sherif who congratulated his female employees for their commitment and hard work in moving the agenda of TRANSCO CLSG visa vis the implementation of the CLSG interconnection project in countries that constitute the CLSG.

Mr. Sherif said promoting Gender Equality makes good business sense because it creates a conducive environment and increase productivity at work place.


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