TRANSCO CLSG building capacity of EPA, FDA, LEC

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As part of the implementation of the CLSG Project’s Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) activities, TRANSCO CLSG is holding a weeklong training workshop to build the capacity of key actors in the energy and environmental sectors.

The training workshop, which began on Monday, October 5, 2020 is being held in Monrovia, with Dr. Koffa T. Morris, Liberian Environmentalist and Disaster Management Expert as the Chief Facilitator.

In consistent with a request made by CLSG countries, TRANSCO CLSG and the Donors approved the training workshop for the key actors including the Environmental and Protection Agency (EPA), Forestry Development Agency (FAD) and Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) on the monitoring of Health, Safety and Environmental Management in Projects and Programs.


The training aims to enable participants achieve the following objectives:

  • Acquire the necessary skills for the preparation, the approval and the implementation of the ESIA, ESMP and Construction ESMP for a project or program;
  • Acquire the necessary skills for the Management and the Monitoring of the Environmental, Hygiene, Health, Safety component during the implementation of the project or the program;
  • Develop and improve knowledge of International and Donors Environmental Policies, Procedures and standards (World Bank, AfDB, Kf’vy and EIB);
  • Acquire the necessary skills for the Management and the Monitoring of the Environmental, Hygiene, Health and Safety Component during the implementation of the transmission line project or program.

The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG, Mohammed M. Sherif is optimistic that following the capacity building workshop, there will be an enhanced collaboration among government institutions and a robust monitoring of environmental health and safety component of the CLSG project by the EPA.


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