TRANSCO CLSG Brings Jobs to the CLSG Countries

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Thousands of residents in CLSG project affected communities across Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea have been employed by EPC contractors implementing the project.

According to statistics released by TRANSCO CLSG, about 7695 local people have been employed by the EPC contractors along with few international experts to implement the CLSG interconnection project. Those concerned were recruited between January 2018 to December 2018 when construction activities kicked off.

The types of jobs created are:

  • Jobs of Engineers, Technicians and Doctors;
  • Administrative and Financial Jobs;
  • Drivers jobs;
  • Sawyer jobs,
  • Cleaning technician jobs;
  • Casual jobs for the physical marking of the corridor or substation site;
  • Casual job jobs for manual deforestation with machetes;
  • Guard and Security Service Jobs;
  • Warehouse Jobs;
  • Cook jobs;
  • Welder jobs;
  • Jobs of masons;
  • Carpenters jobs;
  • Gas Station Attendant jobs;
  • Mechanics jobs;
  • Help-topographer’s jobs;
  • Guide Bulldozer Jobs

During the Fourth Quarter of 2018, about 1,608 were recruited across the CLSG countries. The rate of recruitment of local staff will increase as activities continue in 2019. The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG, Mohammed M. Sherif termed the development as incredible milestone.

The General Manager also said creating jobs in the CLSG Countries is part of TRANSCO CLSG’s goal to create an enabling environment that will generate economic activities in order to alleviate poverty on the people.

During a recent tour of project sites, the General Manager met with scores of local people who have been hired by the Contractors to implement the CLSG project. As he enumerated the vast benefits that come with the CLSG interconnection project, Mr. Sherif challenged the workers to take ownership of the project for its successful implementation.

Saying that he was happy to see locals being hired to implement the project, the General Manager challenged them to own the project. He said, even though TRANSCO CLSG is the owner of the transmission line, “it is you who are the owners of the line. You need to know that this line will be passing through your communities and it will benefit your communities economically and socially, etc.”


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