TRANSCO CLSG affirms Dec. 2019 for Liberia

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The Director of the CLSG Project implementation unit at TRANSCO CLSG, Mr. Etienne Baily (DPIU) says the December 2019 partial commissioning of the CLSG project remains on track.

Mr. Baily is in Liberia on a supervision mission to address critical issues of the project and to ensure the Acceleration plan is on track.

The TRANSCO CLSG Executive toured the project sites and held bilateral meetings with EPC Contractors implementing the CLSG project in LIberia and received their commitments to deliver the project in December 2019.

Mr. Baily also met with the Liberia Electricity Corporation to discuss interface issues and provided progress updates on the implementation of the CLSG Project.

The DPIU conveyed TRANSCO CLSG commitment to deliver the project to Monrovia by December 2019.

Photos courtesy: Mohammed L. Sow, Engineer and Contract Specialist, TRANSCO CLSG


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