TRANSCO CLSG Launches Reforestation Program in Guinea

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Abidjan, CI, Wednesday, July 4, 2018: The Management of TRANSCO CLSG has officially launched the Reforestation activity in Guinea. A dispatch from Conakry says the TRANSCO CLSG Environmental Coordinator, Pakidame Kolani accompanied by the Internal Auditor, Momodu Jallow, successfully completed the program in Kindia, Guinea on June 25, 2018.

The purpose of the reforestation is to mitigate the negative impact of the CLSG project on the environment. About 86 hecters will be cut down within the corridor of the transmission line in Guinea and there is a need to replant the trees that would be affected. This is in accordance with national regulations and donors’ standards for the protection of the ecosystem.

An MoU was signed between TRANSCO CLSG and the Reforestation Department of the Republic of Guinea (DNEF) for the implementation of this program.

Similar activity has been undertaken in Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia and Sierra Leone respectively. The total hectar to be affected and restored across the CLSG countries is 507 hectars.





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