“The people are impatient,” Gen. Keita

Governor of Nzerekore Gen. Mohamed Lamine Keita addresses the TRANSCO-GridCo team


Sustainable electricity supply will have a massive impact on Nzerekore and its surrounding region, says the newly appointed Governor of Nzerekore, General Mohamed Lamine Keita.

Gen. Keita told the visiting TRANSCO CLSG and GridCo delegations during a courtesy call on Wednesday, September 15, 2021, that the people of Nzerekore are very impatient and cant wait to see stable and affordable electricity come to their city.

“TRANSCO CLSG is the joy of the people here in Nzerekore, so I ask you to not relent. We need electricity like yesterday,” Gen. Keita called the management of TRANSCO CLSG.

The Nzerekore substation, located on the outskirts of the city is undergoing intensive construction works. The joint TRANSCO CLSG and GridCo team visited the substation and the transmission line from Yekepa in Liberia to Nzerekore. TRANSCO CLSG has taken a temporary emergency measure to supply NZérékoré from the Yekepa substation which has been energized

Gen. Keita disclosed that Nzerekore has lost productivity and economic growth as industry, public institutions and households suffered the perennial shortage of energy. “We want electricity urgently to revive our economy here,” he called on TRANSCO CLSG to fast track the emergency connection plan which will restore electricity to the illustrious city.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited energy supply from TRANSCO CLSG will soon become a reality if effort by the transmission company to supply electricity to the town is completed. Mr. Etienne Bailly, Director of Project at TRANSCO CLSG said the coming of reliable and stable electricity to Nzerekore will soon happen. He informed the Governor that the coming of light to Nzerekore remains on course, despite the coronavirus pandemic.”

The CLSG interconnection project aims to provide electricity to the four Mano River Union countries of Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Guinea. When completed, it will bring reliable and affordable electricity to the countries which have had a persistent problem with electricity, especially in the rural areas.


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