(L-r) Mr. Bailly, Mr. Keita, General Manager, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Saffa and My. Yilla

“Strong and Distinguished Gentlemen” – GM Inducts Managers


The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG has officially inducted the three Country Managers recently recruited through a competitive process, to serve in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. In his brief remarks, Mr. Mohammed M. Sherif described the inductees as “strong and distinguished gentlemen.”

He explained that the induction process is customary and that it forms part of an ongoing process to ensure TRANSCO CLSG is fully equipped with the necessary resources to accomplish its mandate. “This is a process of getting the right people to do the right job,” Mr. Sherif added.

The General Manager disclosed that management launched a competitive process consistent with the World Bank guidelines to recruit the Country Managers. “…through that process, we were able to select three strong and distinguished gentlemen to serve as our Country managers in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.”

“You earned what you’ve got, so we want you to make a maximum and optimum use of it,” the General Manager urged the Country Managers who include Messrs Paul Saffa of Sierra Leone, Jerry Taylor of Liberia and Dr. Abdoulaye Keita of Guinee.

TRANSCO CLSG is an institution for the four countries with international standard that is being evaluated not just by the four countries, but by the international community. Mr. Sherif called on the Country Managers to work with passion, adding, “Whatever we do as a team, we should do it very well, consistent with international norms. I have no doubt that you are going to overcome the challenges and  definitely succeed.”

Mr. Sherif challenged the Country Managers to be committed and passionate about the CLSG project and join efforts to effectively and speedily implement the CLSG project in the respective countries and embrace the Vision, Mission and Core Values of TRANSCO CLSG and earnestly work towards achieving them. He asked them to maintain good working relationships with all stakeholders including governmental entities.

The Country Managers will report on a monthly basis to the General Manager on activities undertaken and progress made in their respective countries of assignment.

The induction ceremony was attended by senior executives of TRANSCO CLSG including the Director of Project Implementation Unit (PIU), Mr. Entienne Bailly, the Director of Finance and Administration, Mr. Jigba Yilla, the Head of Administration, Madame Rachel Keita, the Environmental Coordinator, Mr. Pakidame Kolani, the Engineering Coordinator, Mr. Eril Achi, the Procurement and Project Specialist, Mr. Mohamed Keita, the Internal Auditor, Mr. Momodu Jallow, the Social Safeguard Specialist, Madame Marie Chantel, among others.

TRANSCO CLSG was created to carry out the CLSG interconnection project as reflected in the model agreed upon by the four Member States; that is to finance, construct, own, operate, develop and maintain an interconnection line between Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinée.

This project aims at promoting a regional energy market and optimize the use of energy resources in West Africa as a whole. It is one of the five priority projects of the West African Power Pool Master Plan that aims to build a 225kV high voltage line, long of 1,303 km to connect the electrical networks of the 4 countries.

The CLSG project is being financed by donors including the World Bank, African Development Bank, European Investment Bank and the German development Bank (KfW)  through loans and grants at an approximate project cost of USD 476 million.


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