Residents make solemn pledge to protect CLSG project in Liberia

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Abidjan, CI, Thursday, January 9, 2020: Residents of Bunadin District and the adjacent areas in Nimba County have solemnly pledged to work together and protect activities marking the implementation of the CLSG interconnection project, following a high-level mediation effort between them and the EPC contractor, UTE, by the TRANSCO CLSG team in Liberia.

As part of TRANSCO CLSG continual sensitization of its activities for the benefit of the local population, the Country Manager, Jerry T. Taylor and his team visited the project affected communities to provide useful information that dispelled misunderstanding as it relates to the CLSG project activities in the area.


The meeting resolved some issues that were developing. Some persons affected by the CLSG project (PAPs) of Bunadin District halted the field activities of UTE claiming compensation for loss of crops within the access routes created by the contractor, when the data validation has not yet been finalized for payment.

However, following the meeting with the PAPs, it was agreed that a full assessment of the access routes would be conducted, and determination made for compensation.

The TRANSCO CLSG team also met with the joint security at the border post between Liberia and Cote d’Ivoire at Logatuo. It was observed that there was lack of clear understanding of the nature of the CLSG project by some officers at the border post, thereby equipment and materials for project, brought in from Cote d’Ivoire were unduly kept at the customs for weeks and this could pose significant delays in the project implementation.

Most of these issues were discussed, and a way forward was proffered. “I am sure the approach towards the project activities by the folks at the border will be better going forward,” says Jerry Taylor. He also adds: “The meeting with the citizens of Bunadin District, Nimba County was very fruitful and timely. We resolved the issues that prompted the standoff between UTE and the locals.”

The Country Manager was accompanied by King Mohammed Kamara, Social Safeguard Assistant, Mohammed Sow, Engineer and Varney Conneh, Environmental Assistant.


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