Residents are triumphantly joyful over the CLSG project

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Abidjan, CI, April 19, 2018: There’s joy across CLSG countries, particularly in settlements and surrounding areas as contractors have started the long-awaited physical construction activities that will yield affordable and reliable electricity to millions of citizens in the region.

Incredible videos footage captured during site visits and meetings with residents in these project affected areas, show residents expressing their happiness for the CLSG project.

EPC contractors using yellow machines have moved in the jungles to create access roads. Construction workers are seen all over the place conducting soil testing, brushing bushes, to the delight of residents who are overwhelmed with joy and assured that the CLSG project is finally a reality.

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“I am happy for this light business,” an elder woman, Jema Cooker in Mambo Town at the bank of the Mano River in Liberia, exclaimed when TRANSCO CLSG team headed by the Social Safeguard Assistant, Mohammed Kamara ll visited the area recently. The Chair lady of the town, Jeneh Passawe also said she’s happy that her village will be electrified soon when the CLSG project comes online.

For more than a decade the area has been without electricity and residents are very excited that they would finally receive electricity. They are happy that after the difficulties, the people are finally getting electricity.

Sam Tuker, a resident in Grand Bassa County said electricity is one of the “greatest moves towards development.”

Residents are triumphantly joyful that the CLSG project will help upgrade the skills of young men in their villages and towns and create more opportunities for them through job creation. The CLSG project is committed to creating as many local jobs as possible in Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea respectively.


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