Pre-commissioning activity at Kenema Substation

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Pre-commissioning tests of the substation equipment is successfully going on in Kenema, Sierra Leone.

Pre-commissioning is the testing of all substation equipment individually (strictly one after the other) to ensure that their functions conform to the design specification. Once each equipment is tested and the tests are okay, then the overall substation will be ready for final test and fine tuning as required.

The EPC contractors, SIEYUAN have pre-commissioned most of the Primary Equipment including the current Transformers, Voltage Transformers, Surge Arrestors, Circuit Breakers etc.

The Power Transformers will be pre-commissioned shortly.

After these tests, the substations will be ready for final commissioning, SCADA test, Transformers load test and operations.

Report and photos by Francis Vandy, TRANSCO CLSG Engineer and Contract Specialist.



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