Organization Chart

TRANSCO CLSG General Manager has direct oversight over the PIU which is one of the departments within TRANSCO CLSG; the PIU serves as the interface between TRANSCO CLSG and the project implementation particularly overseeing the work of the owner’s engineers (OE) and contractors. However, the General Manager may directly interact with the Owner’s engineer as deem necessary. The OE has three phases: first phase deals with the a) pre-construction (recruitment of construction companies and Owner’s Engineer), b) Construction phase – procurement of suppliers and contractors including reviewing bid documents to ensure that the required specifications are adhered to, launching of bids, exploring options and recommending for choice of Operation & Maintenance, awards of contracts and development of project development plan as well as overseeing contractors’ work including but not limited to site supervisions and approvals of work performed by contractors; c) Operation and Maintenance Phase.

TRANSCO CLSG directly deals with donors on the project implementation – information sharing/submission/approvals of progress reports on project implementation, financial management aspect including seeking no objections and submission of financial reports as well as payment to contractors and for supplies. Additionally,, TRANSCO CLSG is responsible for all approvals related to the project implementation – approvals of contracts, work orders, payment requests, cost reviews, reviews of project challenges, schedules, etc. Nonetheless, TRANSCO CLSG in the course of exercising its approval authority particularly for payment of works performed shall collaborate with financiers of the project.

TRANSCO CLSG also oversees the direct coordination with local authorities and/or agencies to ensure the successful and efficient implementation of the CLSG project.