Organization Chart





TRANSCO CLSG’s interactions with relevant stakeholders are governed by the CLSG International Treaty, International Project Agreement, Article of Association and Shareholders Agreement.

As revealed in the decision flow above, the Project Implementation Committee (PIC) works on behalf of the steering committee to directly monitor the project implementation during the construction phase of the project. The activities of the steering Committee and PIC are coordinated by the WAPP Secretariat. There is also a direct link between the PIC and TRANSCO CLSG and this link ranges from approvals to information sharing and reporting particularly on project implementation.

The Board has direct oversight over TRANSCO CLSG; the Board approves TRANSCO CLSG annual work program and budget. The annual work program consists of milestones to be achieved and TRANSCO CLSG is obligated to provide regular reports to the Board on the status of these milestones. The Board is empowered by the shareholders’ agreement to appoint senior management of TRANSCO CLSG based on the recommendation of the General Manager.

In addition, the WAPP Secretariat collaborates with TRANSCO CLSG on the following:

Facilitation of the functioning of the Project Implementation Unit (PIU): This activity is managed by WAPP in coordination with TRANSCO CLSG management. Specifically, the WAPP Secretariat is responsible for the financial management component under the World Bank grant provided to WAPP for technical assistance and integration.

Support for finalization of Commercial Framework: Provide support to the  beneficiary utilities in order to develop and finalize Power Purchase Agreements amongst themselves as well as Transmission Service Agreements with TRANSCO CLSG.

Owner’s Engineer Phase one: With support from the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund, the WAPP Secretariat has contracted the consortium Lahmeyer International-ANTEA to support the process to select Contractors to implement the CLSG project.  The WAPP Secretariat coordinates closely with TRANSCO CLSG in the realization of the Consultant’s assignment. TRANSCO CLSG has direct oversight over the owner’s engineers.

Monitoring and Coordination: As part of its mandate, the WAPP Secretariat is required to monitor and if necessary, coordinate the implementation of all regional projects indicated in its Master Plan.  Accordingly, the WAPP Secretariat shall have periodic interactions with TRANSCO CLSG, to exchange on the progress of project implementation.