Rep. Fallah (behind desk) in conversation with Mr. Sherif (left)

Liberian Lawmakers Support CLSG project

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Monrovia, Liberia, March 8, 2018: The Chairman of the House Committee on Ways, Means and Finance of the 54th National Legislature of Liberia says his committee supports the effective implementation of the CLSG interconnection project.

Representative Thomas P. Fallah of District #5, Montserrado County said his committee will work with the management of TRANSCO CLSG to ensure Liberians get reliable and affordable electricity.

During a courtesy call on his Capitol Hill office, Thursday, March 8, 2018, by the General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG, Mohammed M. Sherif, the Liberian lawmaker thanked the management of TRANSCO CLSG for the progress made so far in the project implementation.

He assured the General Manager of his committee’s preparedness to rectify additional financing from the donors, once the document reaches the committee from the Executive branch of government. “We need this (CLSG) project for our people…” he emphasized.

Grand Bassa County District #4 Representative, Vicent S.T. Willie, who chairs the House Committee on Lands, Mines, Energy and Natural Resources and Environment is also pleased with progress made in the implementation of the interconnection project.

Rep. Willie welcomed the resettlement program of project affected persons, which is ongoing across the country. He pledged to work with the regional transmission company to ensure those affected by the CLSG project benefit under the rural electrification component of the project.

Earlier, the General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG provided up-to-date progress report of the CLSG project implementation. Mr. Sherif also used the occasion to appeal to the lawmakers to fast track the rectification of additional financing, to avoid any delay in the project implementation.

The Country Manager of TRANSCO CLSG Liberia office, Jerry Tamba Taylor and the Communication Officer, Sidiki Trawally, accompanied the General Manager to the meeting with the lawmakers.



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