Health Center for Linsan Citizens

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Republic of Guinea, 3 November 2018: The citizens of Linsan, one of the towns to benefit from the CLSG project in the Republic of Guinea, have constructed a modern health center financed by TRANSCO CLSG as part of the resettlement action plan for project affected persons (PAPs).

During the compensation process in Linsan, the PAPs proposed a health center project to be undertaken by TRANSCO CLSG as their compensation.

See pictures from Pierre Bavogui, Social Safeguard Assistant.

Meanwhile, a joint supervision mission from the World Bank and TRANSCO CLSG recently went to Linsan and visited the completed Health Center, financed by TRANSCOCLSG as compensation for the Linsan substation site.

Paivi Koskinen-Lewis, Social Safeguard Expert for the World Bank visited the heath center along with TRANSCO CLSG Social Safeguard Specialist, Marie Chantal Niambe-Ekra.


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