TRANSCO CLSG GM briefs the Minister on site

Guinean Energy Minister tours project sites

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On Wednesday, June 9, 2021, the General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG Mohammed M. Sherif led an array of Guinean government authorities including the Minister of Energy, Madam Madam Bountourabi Yattara, on an inspection tour of the Nzerekore substation and the transmission line corridor linking Yekepa (Liberia) to Nzerekore (Guinea).

The transmission line points in Yalenzou, Guinea, and Blololewee, Liberia were assessed by the delegation. The General Manager provided more updates as the delegation moved along the access road, which was rehabilitated by TRANSCO CLSG’s EPC contractor, Bouygues as part of its corporate social responsibility.

The Minister and party including authorities from the Guinean electricity utility, EDG assessed the progress of the works during the tour, and they were reassured that the deadlines for completion were on course. As a major observation, the line construction deadline will be met (end of July 2021) and the substation will have a slight delay (end of October 2021).

Since there will be some delays in completing the substation, the General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG has taken a temporary emergency measure to supply NZérékoré from the Yekepa substation which has been energized. The Guinean Minister of Energy was excited about the measure and congratulated the TRANSCO CLSG for this emergency solution, to be entirely financed by TRANSCO CLSG.

The TRANSCO CLSG General Manager asked the EPC Contractors to fast-track construction works to ensure the agreed deadlines are met and that delay will not be tolerated.


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