Govt. to face challenges head-on – Energy Minister

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The Mines and Energy Minister of Liberia, Gesler Murray says government is determined to meeting the challenges within the next five months to ensure the high grid power lines are activated.

He thanked all the donors of the CLSG project during a brief remarks at the two-day Donors’ coordination meeting held in Monrovia, Liberia recently.

“The energy sector remains critical…, it affords so much potential, but we continued to be challenged – we have arrived at the point where we must meet those challenges head-on with imagination and innovative solutions,” the Energy Minister said.

He stressed that the postponement of the CLSG electrification completion “will hurt” Liberia but added that “we must now pick ourselves up” by curbing challenges affecting the energy sector which include removing illegal connections to the current LEC power grid.

The Minister added, “We need to work hard to make sure we have the commercial viable loads identified before we turn on the CLSG’s (line).” He called on the donors to work together to meet the March 2020 deadline.


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