GM wants WAPP intervene in accelerating electricity distribution

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Abidjan, CI – September 6, 2017: The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG is calling on the West African Power Pool (WAPP) to play a coordinating role to ensure an effective implementation of the rural electrification component of the CLSG project. This as the General Manager asserted will further ensure timely distribution of electricity to the citizens of the CLSG countries.

During a courtesy call on the Secretary General of WAPP, Mr. Siengui Appolinaire KI, in Cotonou, Benin on Monday, August 28, 2017, Mr. Mohammed M. Sherif sought WAPP intervention in pushing member countries of the CLSG to ensure their national utilities are fully ready to distribute the electricity as the TRANSCO CLSG transmission line and sub stations come online. He said there is a need for WAPP to take leadership in ensuring a synchronized approach to distributing electricity to the citizens in the four countries.


He called for the national utilities to make this as part of their agenda, maintaining that national utility of each CLSG countries must put in place a mechanism to ensure seamless and timely distribution of electricity. Mr. Sherif wants member countries to include in their respective national strategies connection to the TRANSCO CLSG transmission line.

The General Manager also informed told the SG that donors recognized the important role WAPP can play, and that WAPP’s involvement will also accelerate the rural electrification component of the project.

“We want WAPP to challenge member countries, pushing them to ensure the distribution process is carried out timely for our people to benefit,” the General Manager urged the WAPP Secretary General.

On the Linsan Substation, the General Manager said the substation will be taken over and financed by OMVG project, a process that is being coordinated by WAPP. In view of this, the General Manager pleaded with the Secretary General of WAPP to coordinate activities between TRANSCO CLSG and OMVG to seamlessly move the process forward.

Mr. Sherif called on WAPP to play a leadership role for a broader coordination and convene a meeting with the OMVG, the Guinean authorities and TRANSCO CLSG to agree on the strategy of moving forward.

In response, the Secretary General praised the leadership of TRANSCO CLSG for achieving key milestones in the project implementation. He thanked the General Manager and delegation for the visit. The SG said he felt elated by the visit and assured Mr. Sherif and his team of WAPP’s fullest commitment to the CLSG project. He also assured the TRANSCO CLSG that WAPP will consider the General Manager’s plead and make sure it is carried out.


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