GM Inspects construction sites in Liberia, thanks GoL for solid support

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Monrovia, Liberia, December 26, 2018: The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG, Mohammed M. Sherif has paid high-profile visits to several CLSG project construction sites in Liberia. He will continue his inspection tour of other project sites in the Republic of Guinea shortly.

While in Liberia, Mr. Sherif on Monday, December 24, 2018, visited the transmission line corridor under construction by EPC contractor, Elecnor Effiage in Grand Bassa County. He also visited a substation site near the port city of Buchanan, which is being constructed by EPC contractor, Seiyuan. The General Manager also on Wednesday, December 26, 2018 visited another substation being constructed by Seiyuan at the Mount Coffee hydroelectric plant in Montserrado County.

During the visits, the General Manager saw, firsthand, physical construction activities within the Buchanan-Monrovia corridor. Several transmission towers have been erected and foundation works for the substations ongoing. Mr. Sherif thanked the EPC contractors for the level of development achieved in the implementation of the CLSG project in Liberia.

Seiyuan is the contractor that is responsible for building substations – the points which various connections will be made. Elecnor/Effiafe and NCC are EPC contractors responsible for the construction of transmission line stretch of 530 kilometers.

“I am impressed,” an elated General Manager declared following the visits. He assured the contractors TRANSCO CLSG’s fullest cooperation in the implementation of the CLSG project. “We will work with you to ensure full implementation. Our people are patiently waiting for this…”

Pictures by Sidiki Trawally

The General Manager on the last day of his mission met and briefed the Minister of Finance for Economic Development and Planning on the implementation of the CLSG project. He thanked the Government and people of Liberia for their unwavering supports towards the implementation of the CLSG project and for approving the fifth substation that would be constructed in central Liberian town of Botota, Bong County.

“I must give credit to this current government for the fifth one. The Minister of Finance – with his support – we were able to finalize the fifth substation given by the KFW (German Bank) and I must tell you that KFW – the German Development Bank – they are the ones financing the substations in Liberia.”

The Minister on his part assured the GM of the Government of Liberia’s unflinching support and urge the GM to continue to expedite the implementation of the project, as the need to bring affordable electricity to the people of Liberia cannot be overemphasized.



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