Energy Minister Reaffirms Country’s Support for CLSG Project


General Manager Sherif briefs Minister Toungara during a courtesy call Tuesday, May 31, 2016 – Photo: Sidiki Trawally

Hon. Adama Toungara, Cote d’Ivoire Minister of Petroleum and Energy has reaffirmed Cote d’Ivoire’s unyielding support to the successful implementation of the CLSG interconnection project in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea respectively.

In welcoming the General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG Mohammed Sherif and team at his downtown Plateau office during a courtesy call on Tuesday, May 31, 2016, Minister Toungara said he is deeply impressed by the level of operations at TRANSCO CLSG. He said the government of Cote d’Ivoire will do everything possible to ensure the successful outcome of the project.

The Ivorian energy boss also added that he will do his utmost best on a personal basis to make sure this project work for the people. He said the CLSG project will bring enormous benefits to the countries that constitute the CLSG in terms of helping to drive wider economic growth through robust power supplies that will be stable and affordable for all.

Minister Toungara told the TRANSCO CLSG delegation which included the Director of Finance and Administration, Jigba Yilla and the General Manager’s Executive Secretary, Nabi Seshie, that he was pleased when he learned that a delegation from TRANSCO CLSG was paying him a visit. The Chairman of the Board of Director of TRANSCO CLSG, Mr. Amidou Traore attended the meeting.

“Mr. Traore told me you were paying a courtesy call and I was glad. The project is a very important project for this part of our region,” the Minister said. According to him, President Alhassane Ouattara always discussed with him the significance of the CLSG project and the need to make it work successfully.

He adds: “President Ouattara is making sure that the project works. The president is very passionate about it. He even mentioned the project to me today again… that shows how committed he is to this project.”

The ground breaking ceremony for the CLSG project is expected to be held in Man sometime this year. But before then, Minister Toungara has promised to pay a visit to the new TRANSCO CLSG headquarters in Abidjan. “I will come and visit your office,” he assured. He asked the Board Chairman Traore, who is also the head of the national utility, CI Energies (Cote d’Ivoire Energies) to arrange his visit to the TRANSCO CLSG headquarters.

Earlier, the visiting TRANSCO CLSG General Manager Sherif briefed the Energy Minister on the current status of the CLSG project. He assured Minister Toungara that the CLSG interconnection project is way on course and the company will soon begin awarding of contracts qualified contractors to begin the construction phase of the project.

Mr. Sherif said the CLSG interconnection project will definitely give people access to quality energy at a lower cost. He thanked the Energy Minister for his support towards the milestones so far achieved by the project. He said the company will work hard to make the implementation of the project a smooth process.

The Ivorian electricity grid is recognized as best in class in Africa. The Country looks to increase its installed generation capacity to 4000 MW by 2020 and the country’s ambition to develop its position as the energy hub of West Africa is on track.

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