Energy Minister endorses Task Force Roadmap

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The CLSG interconnection project with coordination and oversight by the Government of Sierra Leone under the leadership of the Hon Minister Khanja Sesay continues to make milestone achievements.

The Minister of Energy of Sierra Leone has endorsed the TRANSCO CLSG Electricity Interconnection project Roadmap that was developed by the Task Force of the Board of TRANSCO CLSG.

The primary objective is to ensure among other things, that utilities are able to connect to the line when energized. We want to thank the President and the people of Sierra Leone for their continued support.

In another development, an additional three Transformers for the Bumbuna and Binkorgor substations in the North and East of the country have arrived and delivered on sites. Two of the transformers (a 70MVA and 32 MVA) will be delivered at the Bumbuna site while the 40MVA will be for the Binkongor.

Recently, another consignment of two 225/60/33kv substations for the Kenema substations arrived and were delivered on site in Kenema by EPC Contractors, SIEYUAN.


Note: Paul Saffa, Country Manager of Sierra Leone contributed to this article



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