Prefect of Nzerekore, Monsieur Sâa Yola TOLNO visited the construction site

Construction of Nzerekore substation commences

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The implementation of the CLSG interconnection has scored another major milestone with the commencement of construction activities at the Nzerekore substation, Republic of Guinea.

The newly appointed Prefect of Nzerekore, Monsieur Sâa Yola TOLNO visited the construction site on Wednesday, May 6, 2020. He was overly excited that the CLSG project has taken off in his region. He thanked TRANSCO CLSG, the donors, and the contractors as well as other relevant stakeholders for the milestone.

The Prefect was accompanied by the General Secretary of the Sub prefectures, Districts, and Villages, and Chairman of CLSG local monitoring committee, Monsieur Amara KABA.


EPC contractors, KEC have already began to off load construction materials on the site, as yellow machines carry out more bush clearing activities.

“They (EPC contractors) are leveling the site and providing storing spaces for the materials and other equipment, before starting construction. We have more materials now in Nzérékoré,” TRANSCO CLSG Social Safeguard assistant in the Nzerekore region, Pierre Bavogi disclosed.

According to him, the Transformer and other key equipment for the Nzerekore substation will arrive shortly.


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