ELECNOR starts bush clearing in Grand Bassa County

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Abidjan, CI, Friday, April 6, 2018: Bush clearing in areas marking the first 40-meter corridor of Lot #1 in Grand Bassa County has begun under the direct supervision of EPC Contractor, ELECNOR EFFIAGE UTE.

TRANSCO CLSG National Assistants including Varney L. Conneh (Environmental Assistant), Mohammed L. Sow (Engineer), and Mohamed S. Kamara II (Social Safeguard Assistant) recently paid a field verification visit to the 40 km line corridor Lot #1 and were impressed by the level of work being done in the area.


ELECNOR EFFIAGE UTE started clearing the 40-meter corridor when the General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG, Mohammed M. Sherif formally handed over the project site to the EPC Contractor. The site is the first section of the 40 km of the corridor in Grand Bassa county.

This was realized following the payment of compensations on March 5, 2018, to persons affected by the project (PAPs), who were within the transmission corridor. The team was guided on the tour by Denine of UTE.

Recently, the General Manager wrote a letter to ELECNOR EFFIAGE UTE’s Managing Director, François CHRISTIEN, in which Mr. Sherif said the handover of the site follows the revised compensation strategy.

“We look forward to a timely completion of the works consistent with the high expectation of all beneficiaries. I thank you for your usual corporation,” the General Manager said in his letter.


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