Mr. Sherif and World Bank VP for Africa Diop shake hands

CLSG Project Gets Boost at Annual Meetings


Efforts to accelerate the process of regional integration in West Africa through the CLSG interconnection project that links Cote d’Ivoire wth Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea received further boost with the World Bank committing to ensure the successful implementation of the project.

The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG, Mr. Mohammed M. Sherif says the World Bank and other key donors including the European Investment Bank, the African Development Bank and the German Development Bank (KfW) as well as governments of the CLSG have declared their unwavering supports to the project.

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After series of consultations at the just ended Annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monitory Fund (IMF) in Washington DC, the World Bank agreed to strengthen its cooperation in order to boost the overall development of the project which expects to benefits millions of people.

2016 WB Annual meeting2016 WB Annual meetingThe World Bank’s Vice President for Africa, Mr. Makhtar Diop is pleased with the level of work done so far, and urged his task team to help speed up implementation of the sub-regional agenda to meet the development expectations of the citizens of the sub-region.

“These are real opportunities,” Mr. Diop said.

The meeting with Mr. Diop was attended by an array of senior World Bank officials including the Country Director, Henry Kerali, Larisa Leshchenko, World Bank Country Manager in Liberia and members of the Task team. Mr. Diop lauded ECOWAS for launching the CLSG project which he believes will yield enormous benefits and reduce poverty in the sub region.


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