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TRANSCO CLSG success is our success – Board Chairman urges CLSG countries

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is urging CLSG countries to work together and ensure the viability of TRANSCO CLSG. “The success of TRANSCO CLSG is our success. It’s the success for WAPP (West Africa Power Pool), for Cote d’Ivoire, for Liberia, for Sierra Leone and for Guinea,” Mr. Noumory Sidibe said when he addressed the CLSG Stakeholders, following the Board meeting on Monday, June 27, 2022 in Abidjan.

Mr. Sidibe congratulated WAPP for establishing TRANSCO CLSG and for launching other electricity projects aimed at integrating the West African energy market. “We must not stop there; we must make sure TRANSCO CLSG and all other projects are fully supported to succeed.”

The Board Chairman called on CLSG countries to consolidate their effort to ensure the CLSG interconnection is supported so that is it able to deliver the mush needed electricity to the population in need.

“The CLSG project is a vision for Africans and is being implemented by Africans. We should be proud. Its is strategic for our countries and it’s the symbol of our understanding. It is a bond, one that is beyond 1000 words of pan Africanism,” the outspoken Board Chairman furthered.

He termed the CLSG project as a privilege project that translates eloquently, adding, “It is a union among our countries that is meeting the critical needs of our people. We are finding solutions for our people and countries and we must ensure it becomes a reality, viable and sustainable.”

Chairman Sidibe urged the CLSG countries to stand the test of time and ensure the project succeed. “We have to take full responsibility to ensure this project succeeds.”

He called on the Management of TRANSCO CLSG to work with the donors and other stakeholders to address remaining challenges. “We must strive to succeed. We must commit our ourselves to do the right thing for our people. We must take full responsibility.”

He disclosed that Cote d’Ivoire is working on other sources of energy and that the country will not fail to supply stable and affordable electricity. He urged the TRANSCO CLSG Management to begin to look into other ambitious projects including building a second circuit on the CLSG line.

“We must not be complacent,” the Chairman emphasized, adding, “We must have one voice. We are transparent and must decide what is good for our common structure. We should have openness in working with our partners. We must provide clarifications if needed.”

The Board Chairman thanked the Management of TRANSCO CLSG for the successful implementation of the landmark CLSG project in the midst of enormous challenges. “TRANSCO is a big baby that needs our support. We have to support the management of TRANSCO to succeed.”

Board inducts new member from EDG

The Board of Directors, at the 27th meeting in Abidjan on Monday, June 27, 2022, inducted its new member from Guinea, Mr. Laye Sekou Camara, Director General of Electricite De Guinee (EDG). Mr. Camara was also inducted as member of the Stakeholders.

In his remarks, the Chairman of the Board urged the Director General of EDG to work hard to ensure TRANSCO CLSG’s viability. He said the Board and the Stakeholders were excited to welcome Mr. Camara onboard and look forward to working with him.

In brief remarks, Mr. Camara thanked the Board and Stakeholders for the induction and promised to work with the team to improve access to stable electricity for the population.

“The CLSG project is very dear to us. We are here to support the project. In Nzerekore, the demand is high for access to stable electricity. The people are thirsty and want power in their homes, businesses, etc. Everything we do is for our population so we must do right by them.”


The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG Mohammed M. Sherif is calling on the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) to move quickly and conclude all commercial framework documents to ensure unimpeded access to stable and affordable electricity through the CLSG line.

In his statement to the Board at its 27th meeting in Abidjan on Monday, June 27, 2022, the General Manager disclosed that the Power Purchase Agreement negotiations between Liberia (LEC) and CI-ENERGIES are far advanced while the negotiations on the Transmission Service Agreement with TRANSCO CLSG have been completed.

“It is our fervent hope, Mr. Chairman and Members of the Board of Directors, that LEC will come on board and complete all commercial framework documents to begin enjoying 24-hour electricity from the CLSG line.”

Mr. Sherif added: “We share the belief that the lack of access to affordable and stable electricity is a constraint to economic and national development. More electricity means more economic activities, better jobs, profitable private capital investments, increased manufacturing and technological capacity, increased food production, more innovation, better healthcare, education and better quality of life for the population. Therefore, we encourage Liberia to come on board very soon, join EDSA of Sierra Leone and EDG of Guinea to generate the required growth in the usage of the CLSG network.”

PM: Nzerekore SS the pride of Guinea

The Government of President Mamady Doumbouya is seeking an expansion of the CLSG network beyond Nzerekore and has called on TRANSCO CLSG to play a pivotal role in providing unimpeded supply of electricity to the people across Guinea.

The Prime Minister of Guinea, HE Dr. Mohamed Béavogui informed General Manager, Mohammed M. Sherif about his country’s plan to extend the CLSG network beyond Nzerekore into Macenta, Gueguedou and other areas during a meeting held in Nzerekore recently.

The commercial city is currently enjoying a 24-hr electricity through the CLSG network.

Prime Minister Beavogui reiterated his government’s unwavering support to the CLSG interconnection project and that Guinea will ensure the regional transmission company is supported as it delivers reliable and affordable power supply to the people of Guinea.

He lauded the Management of TRANSCO CLSG for delivering the much-awaited electricity to Nzerekore, which is Guinea’s economic and commercial center in the country’s southeast. The Prime Minister described the Nzerekore substation as the pride for the people of Guinea and that he is impressed with the level of works done so far.


The Nzerekore substation is currently undergoing pre-commissioning test.

While in Nzerekore, the Prime Minister and an array of other senior level Guinean government officials including the Minister of Economy, Finance and Plan, Dr. Lacine Conde, and the Minister of Budget, Moussa Cissé toured the facilities of the Nzerekore substation.

It’s Official! TRANSCO CLSG lights up Nzerekore

NZEREKORE: Its official!

Thousands jubilated as the Guinean second most populated and the largest city in the forest region, Nzerekore, received the much-awaited stable and affordable electricity from the TRANSCO CLSG power grid. The historic event happened on Saturday, April 2, 2022 when the Guinean Minister of Energy, Hydrocarbons and Hydraulics Abe Sylla switched on the lights at the Nzerekore substation located in the Bellevue district.

The city of Nzérékoré has been plunged in darkness for years but will now have 24-hour electricity from the TRANSCO CLSG grid, the Minister declared during the historic ceremony, which was witnessed by an array of Guinean authorities including the Director General of the ELECTRICITE DE GUINEE (EDG SA), Laye Sékou Camara, TRANSCO CLSG, among others.

Minister Sylla cuts the ribbon to the Nzerekore substation – Photo Credit: Varlee Daramy, TRANSCO CLSG

With a volume of eleven megawatts (11 MW) per year, the CLSG interconnection line will certainly improve energy demand in the city of N’Zérékoré and its surroundings and thus accelerate the socio-economic development of the region.

In remarks, Minister Sylla informed that public that the Guinean government has completed all commercial framework documents including the Power Purchase Agreement with Cote d’Ivoire and the Transmission Service Agreement with TRANSCO CLSG in order to improve people’s access to the affordable energy in the country’s commercial hub.

Following the cutting of the inaugural ribbon, the Minister of Energy pressed the button to switch on the light, marking history. He reiterated that from now on, the population of Nzérékoré will have power 24 hours a day. Beyond the city of Nzérékoré, several other prefectures and localities will benefit from this interconnection project (CLSG) which will cover the entire Forest and also Upper Guinea.

Minister Sylla added: “I am here today for the inauguration of the Nzérékoré substation, which will supply the city of Nzérékoré with energy 24 hours a day. What does this represent? This represents a beginning of the socio-economic development of this country, namely, this region which is an agricultural region. So having the energy on the whole of Nzérékoré, represents a big step for economic development.”

Photos: Min. Sylla (l) and Mr. Bailly address the media in Nzerekore

He furthered that Nzérékoré is not the only area that will benefit from the CLSG line, but that the government through its national utility, EDG will begin to connect Lola, Yomou, Diécké, Zebela, Beyla and 15 other prefectures and localities. “We don’t stop there. We are in the process of making a line that will be connected to the station and that will also go to Siguiri via Beyla, Kankan, Kerouané, Kouroussa. In addition, we will do the transversal ones that will feed Macenta, Guéckedou, Kissidougou and Faranah.”

Minister Sylla continued: “Let’s put all that aside, let’s look at the whole thing at the national level. We have the CLSG line that will cover the Lower Coast and Middle Guinea and the Conakry-Kankan Ridge which is under construction. All this will be inaugurated one by one. Nzérékoré, you had the honor of being first. And it will continue throughout the country.”

For his part the Director General of Electricité De Guinée (EDG), Camara Laye, congratulated all stakeholders for ensuring a successful energization of the Nzérékoré area. He assured the Guinean public that the power would be extended across the entire Nzérékore region including Lola, Dieke, Yomou and all quarters within this region.

The EDG Boss announced that reforms are underway to make this state-owned enterprise more efficient to meet the ever-growing needs of the population. He informed the people that regularly paying invoices that are now computerized.

“I am very happy to be in Nzérékoré today for this very important event. That is to say, the energizing of the city of Nzérékoré. Today we have big challenges, we have signed commitments with Côte d’Ivoire, especially with TRANSCO CLSG which will transport to us this energy that will be consumed by the Guinean population.”

The Director of the Project of TRANSCO CLSG, Etienne Bailly, on behalf of the General Manager congratulated the Government of the Republic of Guinea on meeting all effective conditions for commercial operations of the CLSG facilities.

He reiterated that the Nzérékore Substation is a strategic infrastructure that will facilitate the interconnection of the Guinea-Mali line and also supply power to the entire Nzérékore Region.