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TRANSCO CLSG holds 2-week long Joint Donors Supervision mission

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ABIDJAN – June 29, 2020: The management of TRANSCO CLSG has been holding series of Joint Donors Virtual Supervision Mission meetings with funders of the CLSG interconnection project. The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG, Mohammed M. Sherif chairs the meetings. The mission which kicked off on June 23, 2020, concludes this week.

As part of the fiduciary aspect of the CLSG project implementation, the CLSG donors including the World Bank (WB), African Development Bank (AfDB), the German Development Bank (KfW) and European Development Bank (EIB) conduct midterm and quarterly reviews of the project covering technical issues, challenges and mitigation measures that would be discussed and used to push the project implementation forward.

The Donors welcomed the mission to keep them up to date with the CLSG project progress. They thanked TRANSCO CLSG management for the level of progress being made despite the Covid-19 pandemic. They reaffirmed their pledge to work closely with TRANSCO CLSG to see the lights on. “We are looking forward to see the lights on,” said Madam Clemencia Torres, World Bank Task team leader for the CLSG project.

She added: “All the eyes are on us and so we look forward to the conclusion of the project implementation.” Madam Fatima Gaba of the AfDB also thanked TRANSCO CLSG for making the joint mission (the first) possible. “It’s an important mission for the AfDB. The CLSG project is an especially important project and we are looking forward to ensuring that we have very sustainable trade among the four countries.”

The meetings are focused on the technical aspects of the project, procurement issues, financial management aspects of the projects, among others crucial topics.




Construction of Nzerekore substation commences

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The implementation of the CLSG interconnection has scored another major milestone with the commencement of construction activities at the Nzerekore substation, Republic of Guinea.

The newly appointed Prefect of Nzerekore, Monsieur Sâa Yola TOLNO visited the construction site on Wednesday, May 6, 2020. He was overly excited that the CLSG project has taken off in his region. He thanked TRANSCO CLSG, the donors, and the contractors as well as other relevant stakeholders for the milestone.

The Prefect was accompanied by the General Secretary of the Sub prefectures, Districts, and Villages, and Chairman of CLSG local monitoring committee, Monsieur Amara KABA.


EPC contractors, KEC have already began to off load construction materials on the site, as yellow machines carry out more bush clearing activities.

“They (EPC contractors) are leveling the site and providing storing spaces for the materials and other equipment, before starting construction. We have more materials now in Nzérékoré,” TRANSCO CLSG Social Safeguard assistant in the Nzerekore region, Pierre Bavogi disclosed.

According to him, the Transformer and other key equipment for the Nzerekore substation will arrive shortly.


TRANSCO CLSG stretches milestones in Liberia

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Despite the Covid-19 outbreak in Liberia, TRANSCO CLSG continues to make steady progress in the implementation of the CLSG interconnection project in the country.

In an effort to bring reliable and affordable power to Monrovia and beyond, a total of 570 transmission towers have been erected within the 230 kilometers span from the Buchanan Substation through Botota to Yekepa Substation by the EPC contractors, Elecnor-Eiffage, spearheaded by François CHRISTIEN, UTE project manager in Liberia (pictured above).

Stringing activities are far advanced and within the next couple of weeks, will be completed for this section. This is the longest stretch of the transmission line in Liberia.


“Abide by the health protocols, stay safe” – GM urges

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The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG, Mohammed M. Sherif is urging his employees as well as EPC contractors and other field workers associated with the implementation of the CLSG project across Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea to adhere to the health protocols and take preventive measures against the coronavirus.

“Please be safe as we continue to work together to move the CLSG project forward,” Mr. Sherif made the call when he chaired a virtual meeting with his senior management team on Monday, April 6, 2020.

TRANSCO CLSG will hold regular virtual meetings due to the outbreak of the Covid-19. A virtual meeting is when people around the world, regardless of their location, use video, audio, and text to link up online. This method also allows people to share information and data in real-time without being physically located together.

Development from Yekepa substation

In another development, EPC contractors, Sieyuan have successfully loaded and positioned the Transformer and Reactor on their respective foundations at the Yekepa substation in Nimba County, Liberia. That means the highly risky part of the project has been successfully handled despite some unexpected challenges during the process.

The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG congratulates the EPC contractors, the TRANSCO CLSG team, and the Owner’s Engineer for the milestone. The installation of other components on the transformer and reactor is ongoing.




Covid-19 Sensitization underway in Sierra Leone

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The COVID 19 – deadly contagious virus sickness is speedily spreading all over the world which has infected and killed thousands. Declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization, various measures are being put in place to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The outbreak has also affected the seamless implementation of the CLSG interconnection project. However, as project activities continue unabated, TRANSCO CLSG along with the EPC contractors in Sierra Leone continue to educate and sensitize more people in the project locations on Coronavirus possible prevention methods and distribute tools to help to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

The EPC contractors including Angelic Tata, KEC and Sieyuan continue to sensitize residents in the CLSG project impacted areas as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities. The sensitization process is being characterized by presentations on Covid-19 and how to prevent it. Physical display of hand washing, social or physical distancing and other preventive measures are being discussed during these programs.

Several buckets, soaps and gallons of bleach were provided and they are to be used at the entrances of these beneficiary communities including Kamakwei, Thambi, Susudara, Fadugu and Thankorosidi. Other communities including Kasoloba, Fadugu, Bumbuna and Kajida also benefited.

TRANSCO CLSG’s Social Safeguard Assistant in the North Western Region coordinated these activities with the contractors.

Photos by Mbalu Sesay, TRANSCO CLSG Social Safeguard Assistant



At last! Transformer, Reactor delivery to Yekepa commences

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The long awaited delivery of the Transformer and Reactor to the Yekepa substation has commenced today, Sunday, March 15, 2020 in Liberia.

BREAKING NEWS: AT LAST!The long awaited delivery of the Transformer and Reactor to the Yekepa substation has commenced today, Sunday, March 15, 2020 in Liberia.The Transformer and the Reactor for the Yekepa substation site in Nimba County are being transported from the Mount Coffee site where they had been kept, to the Yekepa substation. Two trailers, followed by a crane are facilitating the delivery.

Posted by Transco CLSG on Sunday, March 15, 2020


The Transformer and the Reactor for the Yekepa substation site in Nimba County are being transported from the Mount Coffee site where they had been kept, to the Yekepa substation. Two trailers, followed by a crane are facilitating the delivery.

Arrangement was made by the EPC contractors, SIEYUAN (responsible for the construction of substations in Liberia), the Owner’s Engineer TRACTEBEL, TRANSCO CLSG and other relevant authorities including the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) to transport the vital equipment which is critical to the coming of reliable and affordable electricity to Liberia.

What a milestone in the implementation of the CLSG project!