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“The people are impatient,” Gen. Keita

Governor of Nzerekore Gen. Mohamed Lamine Keita addresses the TRANSCO-GridCo team


Sustainable electricity supply will have a massive impact on Nzerekore and its surrounding region, says the newly appointed Governor of Nzerekore, General Mohamed Lamine Keita.

Gen. Keita told the visiting TRANSCO CLSG and GridCo delegations during a courtesy call on Wednesday, September 15, 2021, that the people of Nzerekore are very impatient and cant wait to see stable and affordable electricity come to their city.

“TRANSCO CLSG is the joy of the people here in Nzerekore, so I ask you to not relent. We need electricity like yesterday,” Gen. Keita called the management of TRANSCO CLSG.

The Nzerekore substation, located on the outskirts of the city is undergoing intensive construction works. The joint TRANSCO CLSG and GridCo team visited the substation and the transmission line from Yekepa in Liberia to Nzerekore. TRANSCO CLSG has taken a temporary emergency measure to supply NZérékoré from the Yekepa substation which has been energized

Gen. Keita disclosed that Nzerekore has lost productivity and economic growth as industry, public institutions and households suffered the perennial shortage of energy. “We want electricity urgently to revive our economy here,” he called on TRANSCO CLSG to fast track the emergency connection plan which will restore electricity to the illustrious city.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited energy supply from TRANSCO CLSG will soon become a reality if effort by the transmission company to supply electricity to the town is completed. Mr. Etienne Bailly, Director of Project at TRANSCO CLSG said the coming of reliable and stable electricity to Nzerekore will soon happen. He informed the Governor that the coming of light to Nzerekore remains on course, despite the coronavirus pandemic.”

The CLSG interconnection project aims to provide electricity to the four Mano River Union countries of Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Guinea. When completed, it will bring reliable and affordable electricity to the countries which have had a persistent problem with electricity, especially in the rural areas.


GridCo tours TRANSCO CLSG facilities

TRANSCO CLSG GM Sherif (l) with Amb. Blay-Amihere

A six-member high-powered Executive team from the Ghanian based energy company, GridCo, including its Chairman of the Board, Amb. Kabral Blay-Amihere is on a week-long working visit with TRANSCO CLSG to assess the CLSG project infrastructure in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

The group seeks future collaboration with TRANSCO CLSG, the regional company in the energy sector.

The Ghana Grid Company Ltd (Gridco) delegation held a high-level meeting with the senior management team of TRANSCO CLSG including its General Manager, Mohammed M. Sherif in Abidjan on Monday, September 13, 2021. During the meeting, Mr. Sherif welcomed GridCo to TRANSCO CLSG headquarters. He presented the CLSG project and provided some updates on the operations and maintenance phase of the project.

Following the Abidjan meeting, a joint site visit kicked off Tuesday, September 14th with a visit at the Man substation in Cote d’Ivoire. The delegation followed up with a visit to the Nzerekore substation in Guinea, where intensive construction works are ongoing. The delegation arrived in Monrovia late Wednesday, September 15th and is expected to visit TRANSCO CLSG facilities including the Mount Coffee substation.

The site visit continues in Sierra Leone where the team is expected to visit the Kenema substation and other CLSG project locations on Friday, September 17, 2021. The assessment and cooperative mission comes in the wake of TRANSCO CLSG’s non-stop energization of its transmission line and substations in Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The sites visit is affording the GridCo team an opportunity to acquaint with the effectiveness of CLSG project implementation, an opportunity to see for themselves the level of progress that has been made to bring reliable and affordable electricity to the region and also to allow them share their own experiences with TRANSCO CLSG.

GRIDCo is a transmission utility company which is mandated to: Carry out the business of economic dispatching and transmission of electricity from facilities of wholesale suppliers to bulk customers or distribution companies and utilities in Ghana and West Africa without discrimination.

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Kenema Substation Energized

The energized Kenema substation


The sequential energization of the 225kV CLSG Transmission Line and substations continues!

The CLSG project has achieved another major milestone – the energization of the Kenema Substation. TRANSCO CLSG has successfully energized the 225/66/33 kV substation in Kenema district, Sierra Leone. This milestone will ensure reliable and sustainable power availability in both Kenema and Bo cities.Earlier, TRANSCO CLSG completed the energization of the Mano substation in Liberia. TRANSCO CLSG has now energized four out of five substations in Liberia.

Today the people of Kenema District beamed with smile as TRANSCO CLSG successfully energized both the 225kV transmission line and 225/66/33kV substation. The CLSG project will provide reliable and affordable energy from a regional resource base to meet the rising demand created by activities aimed at transforming the economies of member states.

This will also spur new economic development in these towns and cities by ensuring that existing industries run smoothly without significant electrical power interruption.

TRANSCO CLSG seeks contract extension with CIE

TRANSCO CLSG is holding discussions with the CIE, an Ivorian company responsible for Operation and Maintenance services of the CLSG transmission line and substations in Cote d’Ivoire and Liberia to agree a contract extension of its services beyond August 2021.

TRANSCO CLSG signed a temporary Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contract with the Ivorian Electricity Company (COMPAGNIE IVOIRIENNE D’ELECTRICITE) as an operator, covering the transmission line section from Man to Monrovia while the tender process to recruit the permanent O&M operator remains on course.

The contract with the CIE became effective on November 10, 2020 (signed on October 7, 2020). The O&M personnel were immediately deployed on CLSG sites following a joint assessment of the works on the sites.

TRANSCO CLSG management is now negotiating with the CIE to extend their assignment that will cover the line section from Monrovia to Bumbuna in Sierra Leone. This will enable TRANSCO CLSG to estimate load flows based upon firm commitments by the beneficiary countries.

TRANSCO CLSG has plan to conclude negotiations with CIE in this regard.

AfDB, TRANSCO CLSG kick off Virtual Supervision mission on the CLSG project

Thursday, August 5, 2021: The Management of TRANSCO CLSG and the African Development Bank (AfDB), one of the financiers of the CLSG project, have launched a virtual supervision mission on the CLSG project to review progress already made in the implementation of the project. The Mission runs from today and concludes on Thursday, August 12, 2021.

The mission will be led by Mrs. Fatimata GABA-OUEDRAOGO (Chief Power Engineer and Task Manager); and will be composed of Mr. Emmanuel MANIRAGABA (Senior Power Engineer); Mr. Maximin ANASSIDE ENAGNON CODJO (Procurement Officer).

The mission objectives include: (i) review and discuss, with relevant stakeholders, the project implementation status (including the technical, procurement, financial management, disbursement, safeguards and reporting aspects); (ii) discuss the CLSG project’s sustainability, including the transition phase to commercial operation phase; and (iii) review a time-bound action plan to resolve all outstanding issues.

The specific tasks to be undertaken during the mission shall cover a review of the implementation status of the recommendations from the previous mission, review of the execution of the CLSG project by component, including, but not limited to, the review of all technical related aspects to the line, substation, SVC, SCADA, etc, review and compare actual project implementation performance with appraisal estimates, outlining the main factors that affected the performance, and making comments on the performance of the various entities involved (government, TRANSCO CLSG, Owner’s Engineer, contractors, etc.) and the review of the project achievement milestones and confirmation of commissioning date.

Nzerekore substation making progress

The Control Room at Nzerekore substation

The transmission line section from Yekepa to Nzerekore is about 95% complete. The construction of the Nzerekore substation is making strong progress. The substation is expected to be completed by December 2021. See Photos from Germain Paye, TRANSCO CLSG’s Social Safeguard Assistant.

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GM: Overall progress of the project is 93%

General Manager Sherif addresses the 25th Board meeting in Abidjan

In his report to the Board of Directors of TRANSCO CLSG at its 25th seating, General Manager Mohammed Sherif disclosed that despite the challenges in the project implementation, particularly the Covid-19 pandemic, the CLSG project achieved major milestones.

Mr. Sherif informed the Board that the year 2021 has not been significantly different from 2020, as the project is still faced with the challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. However, despite these setbacks, he was pleased to share the good news on the key milestones achieved by the CLSG Project in the year.

The General Manager said to date, the overall progress of the CLSG Project is estimated at 93%. He said the line section from Man to Monrovia has been fully energized and that the synchronization with the Mt Coffee Hydro Power Plant (HPP) is ongoing. He added that the 132 kV connection between the CLSG substation in Monrovia and the Liberia Electricity Company (LEC) Mt Coffee HPP is completed at 100% while additional tests are ongoing on the 66kV Busbar differential protection at the request of LEC.

Mr. Sherif continued that the line sections from Monrovia to Mano in Liberia, from Mano to Kenema, Bikongor, and Bumbuna up to Yiben in Sierra Leone are all completed at 100% and await sequential commissioning from Liberia before they are energized. The line section from Yiben to Kamakwie and Linsan in Guinée is about 74% complete, while the section from Yekepa to Nzerekoreh is about 95% complete.

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