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TRANSCO GM calls on new Minister of Finance of Sierra Leone

The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG, Mohammed M. Sherif on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, paid a courtesy call on the new Minister of Finance of Sierra Leone, Hon. Sheku Ahmed Fantamadi Bangura in Freetown. During their interaction, Mr. Sherif congratulated the Minister for his preferment and briefed him on the status of the CLSG project implementation. The meeting was very productive as the new Finance Minister assured the visiting TRANSCO CLSG General Manager of his government’s strong support for the project.

Mr. Sherif hailed the government and the people of Sierra Leone for their relentless support to the CLSG project. He assured Minister Bangura of TRANSCO’s preparedness to guarantee people’s access to reliable and affordable electricity through the CLSG line.

In response, the new Minister of Finance, who brings 30 years of experience on economic and development management issues at national, regional, and international institutional levels, praised the Management of TRANSCO CLSG for a brilliant job at delivering the CLSG project which is now providing electricity relief to his country. Minister Bangura said he was impressed by what TRANSCO CLSG has achieved already and promised to work with Mr. Sherif and his team to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Minister Bangura expressed the government’s unwavering support for the CLSG project, adding that the position of President Julius Maada Bio’s government towards the CLSG project has not changed. He assured TRANSCO CLSG that everything would be done to ensure the sustainability of the project.

The young Minister, who assumes the driving seat of the Government’s financial and economic strategy promised to work with the TRANSCO CLSG management to make sure Sierra Leone enjoys unimpeded flow of electricity through the CLSG grid.

The TRANSCO CLSG General Manager also held fruitful discussions with the Minister of Energy of Sierra Leone, Alhaji Kanja Sesay, and the Director General of EDSA, Hon. Abu Kamara.

TRANSCO energizes Nzerekore SS, restores power to the city

TRANSCO CLSG, in collaboration with the Guinean electricity utility, EDG, and other stakeholders has successfully energized the 225 kV Nzerekore Substation and restored electricity to the commercial city. This has created the avenue to expand the Guinean distribution network to other parts of the forest Region such as Lola, Yomou, etc. The Nzerekore Substation has a 40 MVA capacity and a 5 MVar Reactor.

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On April 2, 2022, a power supply to Nzerekore was launched through the CLSG Network energized at 33 kV level from Yekepa Substation in Liberia, but the energization of the Nzerekore substation allows the Forest Region to be supplied affordable and reliable power directly from the substation.

Mr. Laye Sekou Camara, Director General of Electricite De Guinee (EDG) visited the Nzerekore Substation during the weekend and expressed his gratitude to the teams for their collaboration in meeting the deadline to restore power to the Region of Nzerekore. He encouraged continuous collaboration amongst the different stakeholders in the development of the electricity network in the region.

The TRANSCO CLSG 225kv transmission line into Nzerekore is engineered to meet the needs of the city’s industrial, commercial, and residential sectors and neighboring cities.

TRANSCO CLSG commissions Nzerekore Substation soon

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2023 Abidjan: TRANSCO CLSG has completed the construction of the Nzerekore substation and has taken another giant step to energize the substation which significantly increases the power supply beyond the 11MW already available through the temporary solution.

Meanwhile, there is a coordinated power blackout in the city due to the pre-commissioning activities at the substation. The electricity utility of Guinea (EDG) made a public announcement on national radio urging residents to remain calm as EDG along with TRANSCO CLSG finalize the energization process.

The Governor of Nzerekore, in a meeting with stakeholders involved in the energization process on Wednesday, February 22, 2023 said the government of Guinea is in support of the blackout as TRANSCO CLSG and other partners work to re-establish a much stronger and reliable power supply to his city and its environs. The Governor acknowledged that the work being carried out at the substation is crucial to Nzerekore having an independent energy supply. 

The commissioning of the Nzerekore Substation will strengthen the city’s power grid and ensures a more reliable and efficient power supply to the commercial hub in the forest region of Guinea.

The TRANSCO CLSG 225kv transmission line into Nzerekore is engineered to meet the needs of the city’s industrial, commercial, and residential sectors and neighboring cities. Nzerekore had been temporarily supplied from the CLSG Yekepa Substation in Liberia.

According to the General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG, Mohammed M. Sherif, TRANSCO CLSG, through its EPC contractor has constructed, and is testing the Nzerekore substation. The formal commissioning of the facility will be held from February 17 to 24, 2023.


TRANSCO CLSG turns over plantation to Cote d’Ivoire

Man, November 29, 2022: TRANSCO CLSG has officially handed over 30.6 hectares of reforestation plantation in the classified forest of Kouin, near Facobly, to authorities of Cote d’Ivoire through the Forest Development Company (SODEFOR), as a replacement for the area of ​​forest destroyed during the CLSG project implementation. The ceremony was held on Monday, November 28, 2022, in Kuoa.

According to the Reference Database studies of the Environmental Components of the project area as carried out in Côte d’Ivoire during the construction phase of the 117 km CLSG Interconnection line in the Tonkpi region (Departments of Man and Danane) an area of ​​19 hectares of forests was impacted in the corridor.

Mr. Sangare, DG of SODEFOR

In 2017, TRANSCO CLSG signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Forest Development Society (SODEFOR) of Côte d’Ivoire for the implementation of a reforestation program of 31 Hectares of Teak. This is in accordance with national regulations and Donors’ standards for the protection of the ecosystem.

At the turning-over ceremony, the Director General of SODEFOR, Mamadou Sangare, praised TRANSCO CLSG management for the magnificent job of replanting the trees that were destroyed during the CLSG project implementation. “TRANSCO has set a precedent,” he called on local government authorities to ensure that future project implementations in the forest are followed by TRANSCO’s example. “We are very excited about this development,” Director Sangare said.

Sub-Prefect Blaise

Mr. IBO Blé Blaise, Sub-Prefect of Koua (Facobly prefecture) also lauded the management of TRANSCO CLSG for the “gift” and admonished the residents including the elders to ensure the plantation is protected and maintained. “This plantation is going to be very beneficial for all of us, so we must work hard to make sure no one misuses this forest.”

The Sub-Prefect was delighted with the replantation, especially the surplus TRANSCO granted to the forest of Kouin. “Today seems like an ordinary day, but it is not. Côte d’Ivoire is receiving 31 hectares of forest financed by TRANSCO instead of 19 hectares that were destroyed, as part of the interconnection project between Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. It pleases me that TRANSCO went beyond the surface it used. TRANSCO did not want to limit itself to the perimeter exploited so it replanted 31 hectares instead of 19 hectares. We are very grateful.” He lauded TRANSCO’s commitment to environmental and social issues.

For his part, Mr. Bailly said TRANSCO CLSG management followed best practices to replant the trees as part of the company’s policy that is within the framework of the implementation of the compensatory reforestation program under the CLSG Interconnection Project in Côte d’Ivoire.

He explained that similar reforestation activities were undertaken in Liberia (134 acres), Sierra Leone (194 acres), and Guinea (86 acres) respectively. He said the total hectare restored across the CLSG countries is 445 hectares. The purpose of reforestation, according to Mr. Bailly, is to mitigate the negative impact of the CLSG project on the environment.

Mr. Bailly explained that the reforestation program has been an exceptional success story as TRANSCO CLSG made sure to comply with donors’ guidelines to meet the expectations of the countries.

He said the CLSG project aims to meet the environmental and social requirements, not only prescribed by the directives of the donors but also based on the principle of TRANSCO CLSG. “For us, a project must be able to respect and protect human life including the culture and heritage of the affected populations. This is what we in TRANSCO CLSG believe in and are doing today.”

Mr. Etienne BAILLY, TRANSCO CLSG Director of Project Implementation co-chaired with the General Manager of SODEFOR to hand over the plantation in the classified forest of Kouin in Facobly, near Man city.

SODEFOR is responsible for the protection of the forest of Côte d’Ivoire. Its mission is to participate in developing and implementing government policy to enrich the national forest heritage, develop forest production, promote products, and safeguard forest areas.

TRANSCO convenes 29th Board meeting in Abidjan


TRANSCO CLSG is holding its 29th Board of Directors meeting on Monday, December 12, 2022, in Abidjan at the company’s headquarters. Members of the Board representing the four CLSG countries including Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea will be present. The Chairman, Noumory Sidibé, Director-General of CI-Energies of Cote d’Ivoire will chair the high-level meeting.

This meeting is usually held at regular intervals to discuss progress and challenges in the CLSG project implementation, as well as policy issues within the company. The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG, Mohammed M. Sherif will deliver a major statement outlining the progress and challenges in the implementation of the CLSG project which now stands at a 98 percent completion rate across the CLSG countries.

PHOTO: 27th meeting of the Board of Directors


TRANSCO explains recent power outage in Kenema, Bo


Abidjan, 07 December 2022 – The Management of TRANSCO CLSG regrets to inform the public that on November 29, 2022, at 5:18 PM, the 225/33 kV 40 MVA Transformer installed at the CLSG Kenema Substation in Tiloma tripped due to the activation of its Bulcholz Relay.

This led to the loss of stable power in the Kenema and Bo Towns which are supplied by the CLSG Kenema Substation in TILOMA.

Meanwhile, TRANSCO CLSG is currently working assiduously with the EDSA and its contractors to resolve the issue in the coming days. We would like to thank the EDSA management and the engineering team for their continued support and collaboration.

TRANSCO CLSG, therefore, assures the public of its firm commitment to providing stable and affordable power to the people of Sierra Leone and other CLSG countries.

By connecting to the CLSG grid, Liberia offers hope for Liberians – GM Sherif

The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG, Mohammed M. Sherif says the government of Liberia has offered Liberians hope for a better life, improved health, and quality education, alleviation of poverty, and fostering sustainable socioeconomic development, by connecting the country to affordable and reliable electricity from the CLSG grid.

The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG gave an overview of the landmark CLSG project during his remarks at the official ceremony marking the turning on the CLSG electricity in Liberia on Thursday, December 1, 2022, at Mount Coffee.

He disclosed that the interconnection project far advanced with an overall progress rate of 98%. For the specific case of Liberia, the CLSG project involves the construction of five 225 kV substations and approximately 530 km of 225 kV power line running across the country from Man in Cote d’Ivoire to Yekepa in Nimba, through Bong, Grand Bassa, Margibi, Montserrado, Bomi, and Cape Mount Counties, before crossing into neighboring Sierra Leone.

Mr. Sherif said TRANSCO CLSG has completed and energized four out of five substations in Liberia including the Yekepa, (Nimba County), Buchanan (Grand Bassa County), Mt. Coffee (Montserrado County), and Mano (Grand Cape Mount County) substations. The Botota substation in Bong County, he disclosed, is undergoing pre-testing and will be ready for energization shortly.


Mr. Sherif explained that the substations will provide Liberia the opportunity to deliver reliable power supply to communities along the CLSG line and the nearby counties. He said the Yekepa substation has the capacity to transmit electricity to Nimba, and parts of Bong County, the Buchanan substation will transmit electricity to Grand Bassa, Rivercess, parts of Sinoe, and parts of Margibi counties while the Mount Coffee substation has got the capacity to transmit electricity that can light up the entire Montserrado county. 

He furthered that the Mano substation will transmit electricity to Cape Mount, Gbarpolu, and Bomi counties while the Botota substation will transmit electricity to central, northern, and eastern parts of Liberia. The Botota substation, he revealed, also has the potential to connect with the future St. Paul River hydroelectricity expansion project that is being prepared by the government of Liberia with the support of the World Bank.

“With this achievement, Liberia now joins Sierra Leone and Guinea to enjoy 24-hour electricity as part of the larger efforts to foster regional integration and boost regional development and improve the economies of the four countries,” Sherif said.

Mr. Sherif explained that by switching on the CLSG light, the people of Liberia are offered hope for a better life, improved health, and quality education, alleviation of poverty, and fostering sustainable socio-economic development. “This is a clear manifestation of the commitment of the CLSG governments and their people to ensure this legacy project is achieved for the benefit of all Liberians and the people of the ECOWAS region,” Sherif said.

He thanked President Weah, the Government, the people of Liberia, the Presidents, and the Governments of Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, and Guinea for their continuous support and contribution toward the successful delivery of the CLSG interconnection Project. He also thanked the donor partners, including the World Bank, the African Development Bank (AFDB), the European Investment Bank (EIB), and the KFW (German Development Bank), for their significant roles in mobilizing the required financial and technical resources in making the CLSG Project a reality.

Mr. Sherif paid special tribute to Minister Gesler Murray of Mines and Energy and Minister Samuel Tweh, Minister of Finance and Development Planning for their leadership role in making the project a success in Liberia.

He also lauded other ministries and agencies of government including the Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Mines and Energy, Labor, Gender, and other key stakeholders including traditional leaders, Social Protection, the various superintendents, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), Forestry Development Authority (FDA), Traditional Chiefs, and Elders in our areas of operations, the Project Affected Persons, contractors, and subcontractors for their strong collaboration which enabled TRANSCO CSG to achieve the fundamental objective of the CLSG Project which is to interconnect the power systems of the four CLSG countries and deliver unimpeded and affordable electricity to our people.

TRANSCO Electricity will spur investments – says World Bank

World Bank asserts…. “CLSG has the power to be truly transformational for the people of Liberia.”

The World Bank has pinned its hopes on the TRANSCO CLSG power grid to drive Liberia’s future economic development, saying a lot of potential exists.

The CLSG grid, which is expected to ensure reliable and cheap access to electricity for the population, is a 225Kv CLSG power line that runs from Cote d’Ivoire to Liberia, and then Sierra Leone. It is expected to serve as an essential component in driving economic growth and spurring investment, with the manufacturing sector benefiting immensely.

“The CLSG line also constitutes the backbone of the national transmission network in Liberia and provides the means for a significant leapfrog in the electrification of the country,” said Carol Wambugu, World Bank Liberia Operations Officer, in a statement on behalf of Bank Country Manager Khwima Nthara.

“It makes it possible to bring grid-supplied electricity to remote populations and businesses that would otherwise need to wait 10 to 15 years for grid electricity. CLSG has the power to be truly transformational for the people of Liberia.”

Wambugu noted that the bank remains confident to secure the sustainability aspect of the project, for the current and future generations of Liberia.


“The World Bank shares these objectives and remains ready to support the country’s efforts to make them a reality,” she added, while speaking at the commissioning ceremony of the CLSG substation at Mt. Coffee Hydro Power Plant.

The CLSG grid, which is expected to increase the LEC’s power generation capacity by 27 Megawatts — amounting to about 50% of what Mt. Coffee Hydro currently generates — comes at a time when Liberia has had relatively low levels of electricity access.

According to experts, the commissioning of the CLSG grid would help Liberia achieve its economic potential, while boosting investments, and manufacturing.

In 2020, just 27.5% of Liberia’s nearly four million population had access to electricity, with the majority of its rural population languishing without access to government-generated power, World Bank estimates. 

The Mount Coffee Hydro Power plant substation is the largest of the CLSG projects. The electricity line runs from Ivory Coast through Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone with the capacity of carrying over 200 megawatts of high voltage, affordable and uninterrupted electricity powering heavy manufacturing and production.

Story by David Yates of Daily Observer