CLSG project continues even in Bad weather

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Abidjan, CI, Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018: EPC Contractors hired by TRANSCO CLSG to implement the CLSG interconnection project are an eternally optimistic group that never seem to allow any weather-related impacts on construction activities. Therefore, civil and other construction works continue unabated across the CLSG countries.

It has been raining heavily in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea respectively, but reports from the CLSG project construction sites speak volume of continued work activities to meet project delivery timeline.

Many would see weather disruptions as the direct time lost during the bad weather. Unfortunately, some event can cause damage to partly completed structures including the transmission tower foundations, etc, which could take days or weeks to fix. Recovering from one hour of rain could take some day to dry and clean debris from an area as well as wait for materials to dry out, but there are already mitigating measures in place to reduce the impact of the rain on the project schedule.

Detail of activities by EPC Contractor – National Contracting Company (NCC) in Liberia

  • 025 km corridor marking completed between AP (Angle Point) 70 and Buchanan Substation gantry. Corridor marking from AP TT-B-L4 to AP 94 & AP 98-6 to AP 108 and AP 98 to AP 98-4 already completed.
  • Re-routing between AP 70 to AP 71 & AP 74 to AP 75 completed. Re-route was done due to Buchanan Substation gantry and to void villages.
  • Physical checking of tower positions from AP 70 to AP 94, AP 98 to AP 98-4 & AP 98-6 to AP 108 already completed.
  • Geological mapping has been completed
  • Phase-1 SPT has been completed. Phase II Bore hole / SPT has already commence
  • Trial pit completed while Field density test is ongoing
  • Soil resistance test has also been completed




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