TRANSCO CLSG Management Recuits Country Managers


Biography of Abdoulaye Keita

Biography of Jerry Taylor

Biography of Paul Saffa

The management of TRANCO CLSG has recruited three Country Office Managers for countries that constitute the CLSG. They are Jerry Taylor of Liberia, Paul Saffa of Sierra Leone and Abdoulaye Keita of Guinea.

The Managers assumed office since Monday, August 1, 2016. The Country Managers are the heads of the TRANSCO CLSG respective Country Offices and they take full responsibility for the day to day running of these offices. They are also to provide supervision of TRANSCO CLSG personnel in these countries on Administrative matters.

The Assistants including the Environmental and Social Safeguard Assistants, will continue to report to their respective line supervisors on technical matters.

On behalf of Management, the Administration Division is calling on all staff to give their unflinching support to the Country Managers.

La famille TRANSCO CLSG souhaite la bienvenue aux trois (3) Country Managers: M. Jerry Taylor du Liberia, M. Paul Saffa dela Sierra Leone et M. Abdoulaye Keita de la Guinée qui intègrent désormais le groupe.

Ils prennent fonction ce jour 1er Août 2016.

Il convient de préciser que le Country Maager est le chef du bureau pays et responsible de la supervision du personnel local de TRANSCO CLSG sur les questions administratives.

Les Assistants devront toutefois continuer à collaborer avec leur Supérieurs hierarchiques sur les questions d’ordre technique.

Au nom de la Direction, le Service Administration demande à l’ensemble du Personnel d’apporter leur soutien en vue d’une bonne collaboration avec les Responsables Pays que sont les Country Managers.

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